Sunday, 4 November 2012

Don't make laugh, I have a broken lip

The Sun, as any other star, is going through its life cycle, so growing each year. And so the Earth will get warmer and wormer until gets scorched, with pollution or without pollution. 
The result is that the Pole’s ice will melt, the sea wi
ll rise and global flood will occur. London, New York, Rio de Janeiro, Barcelona… will be the first to be under water, with pollution or without pollution. 

While living in Chiswick, with the high tide my cellar used to get until 60cm of water due to the rise of the Thames and the houses by the river on The Strand on the Green have protection barriers in the front doors to stop the water going into their houses, and this has been like that for ages. 

So, where is the news? We all know that London will be under water sooner or later.

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Galicians, the Underworld People

The epic book of The Invasions of Ireland (Lebor Gabala) says that we, the people of Galicia, are the Underworld People because was supposed that we can come back from dead, especially to avenge an offense or a wrong doing to us.

Still nowadays there is a ceremony in a Coruña’s village that fakes the burial of people alive and they come back from dead. A full long, long procession of coffins with people inside along the village until the cemetery… When they leave the “grave”, they raise the middle finger in the grave’s direction and say “Catch me if you can”.  And then starts the popular streets party with Celt music (bagpipes), wine, fish, pork food and dancing all day.

I don’t know… But I have been dead about three times. Skydiving accident, car accident few months before moving to the UK (I did wake up when I was being stored in the fridge in the Hospital) and 5 years ago in other car accident (6 weeks in coma in Maidstone Hospital).

We are of Celt origin and we keep the Celt traditions in all senses but I think that all was a self created legend to scare the enemies and, judging by the historic facts, it seems to be working right. In Galicia we used to have the habit of not surrender to get caught alive and treated as slaves so, when in a siege without hope, we used to poison the food and water, set the compound/town on fire, to throw into the fire animals, children and women and then the man did jump on it. In this way the invaders couldn’t get prisoners and could not survive.

This was what we did in Vigo against the French (28.03.1809).After writing with blood in the walls “We will be back to kill you” we did the stated above. So the French in two weeks did start dying with starvation, thirst, pests and diseases due to the rotten bodies and poison. The popular army from Orense took just hours to recover the town some weeks later. The French couldn’t stand on their feet less to fight. Not one went alive to tell the story… We do not leave any one alive ever, not even the rats… We clean our arse with the white flags. The best enemy is the dead enemy.

And this did happen before along the history of Celt northern Spain. In a place called Numancia they did the same against the Romans (133 b.c.) and the same in a place called Sagunto against Anibal (219 b.c.).

And Celts and not Celts… It seems that was a tradition in all Spain. In Tarifa the case was even more dramatic later in time against the Arabs (1295). They caught the solo son’s chief (Guzmán El Bueno) defending the town and they took him in front of the town’s walls shouting to the chief that if he did not surrender they would cut the son’s throat just on the spot. The chief throw down his knife shouting “Just in case that you have not a knife”. But he didn’t surrender and, in this case, the Arabs couldn’t take the town.

Saturday, 6 October 2012

“Things only have the value that we give them” – Molière

While working in Golders Green, I was arguing with some local Jews jewelry trader in the shopping centre in which I was also working, that I do not consider diamonds and gold of value at all, that I would not accept a payment with diamonds or gold. He thought that I was bluffing to impress the ladies. I did insist. Then he did offer me a very tiny diamond a bit less than a millimeters size saying if I was to refuse it. I said that if I got it I would throw it away. Every body did start laughing and telling that “don’t stop taking the pills, is not doing any good to you”. I did treat them with absolute contempt… He got upset and he gave me the diamond: “Is yours, what are you going to do now?” I asked to let clear if the diamond was mine in front of all the witnesses. He said: “Yes, it is”. So I did open the front door and throw it away to the other side of the street. Every body did start screaming like pigs going to the slaughter house, calling me and  to my mother nasty names, calling me criminal, anarchist… and they put me out of the shop, report the incident to my boss (also a Jews) and I was sacked on the spot (so it was when I did move to work in Holland Park).

But I really mean it: I do not consider gold and diamonds of more value than the technological application for what they can be used for. And the same applies about platinum or other things of that kind.

If I were to execute you and you would offer me the room filled of diamonds if I did spare your life, you could consider yourself dead,

Someone in the very far past decided for not good reason that those things were so beautiful that were worth the most valuable thing in the World but, as I said, for no good reason at all. You can not eat diamonds (a piece of quartz crystallised in a particular way…) or gold (just a bloody metal), you can do nothing at all with them except they industrial technical suitability. Full stop.

If you want to pay me for something, you need to pay me with me with currency or, a lot of better, with a signed compromise in front of witnesses to pay my rent, my food, my clothes and other “wants” that I could wish in the future for an amount equivalent to your debt with me. As simple as that. But if you offer me to pay me with gold or diamonds, try to run as fast as you can. Or see you in Court because I didn’t (and I will never will do) agree on that kind of payment.

As Molière said, those things only have the value that some brain dead in the past decided to give to them, but they have not practical value at all whatsoever.

Unfortunately, there are a massive amount of brain dead in this planet that are ready to kill without blinking an eye to get those quartz stones or those metals. I hope that not one will decide in the future that the sand and sea has the same value that the stones and metals in the future, or we are not going to be allowed to sun bath, to swim or to sail…

Friday, 28 September 2012

My books

The Fifth Miracle                                  Paul Davies                                          Penguin Books             ISBN 0-14-028226-2
The Alchemy of Heavens                      Ken Croswell                                       Oxford University Press Inc.     ISBN 0-19-286192-1
Afterglow of Creation                           Marcus Chown                         Arrow Books                           ISBN 0-09-928051-5
Life’s Grandeur                                    Stephen Jay                                          Harmony Books                       ISBN 0-22-404132-0
Darwin                                                 Adrian Desmond & James Moore         Michael Joseph Ltd.                 ISBN 0-71-813430-3

Hyperspace                                          Michio Kaku                                        Oxford University Press Inc.     ISBN 0-19-508514-0
A Brief History of Time             Stephen Hawking                                 Batam Press                             ISBN 0-59-301588-5

The Language Instinct                           Steven Pinker                                       Penguin Books             ISBN 0-14-029123-7
The Blank Slate                                    Steven Pinker                                       BCA                                        CN 108684

La Place de l’Homme dans la Nature    Teilhard de Chardin                              Editions Albin Michel                ISBN 2-22-608496-7
God-Man : Our Final Evolution Mark Hamilton                         Neo-Tech Books                     ISBN 9-11-  75284-6

I Am Right You Are Wrong                  Edward de Bono                                  Penguin Books             ISBN 0-67-083011-9

Thursday, 27 September 2012

The son did ask to his father

The son did ask to his father: Dad, would you be part in the marathon with me? The father did answer, Yes! They went to the marathon and they completed it together. Father and son went  together to other marathons, the father always said ' yes' to his son's applications of going together in the careers. One day, did the son ask to his  father: Dad, will we participate together in the ' Ironman'?  The father told him yes  also. The triatlón Ironman embraces about 3,86 kilometers swiming en  the ocean, continued by about 180,2 kilometers of walk in bicycle, and finishing with some 42,195 kilometers of  maratón along the coast of Big Island.    IMPRESSIVE!!!!!!!   


Tuesday, 25 September 2012

News!!?? What news?

I knew long time ago that “Jesus” was married, had sons, that the famous Canaan wedding was hiswedding and that his wife and sons ended in the South of France. There is no blinder that the one that don’t want to see…

Yeshua was no more and less that the leader of an Essen fighting group from the “Sons of God” section and he was, by heritage, the actual king of Israel and to be in charge of the temple so the fight was to exterminate the usurpers Pharisee; that’s why when Erodes was informed that the legal King was going to be born but that they couldn’t find where he did order to kill all the babies in the land. He never denied being a Son of God, he always said that “I am Son of God”, not “the” Son of God… as well as “I am the King of Israel”.

Was a pretty long time split among the Hebrews between pro Greeks and pro Romans. The Essen were pro Greek and the Pharisee were pro Romans.

The gospels were written in Greek –not in Hebrew- and later translated to Aramaic. In the times of Moses the Hebrew were already split and the Aramaic Hebrew, living in North of Egypt, were left behind by Moses on purpose.

Yeshua and his group were speaking in Greek between them, not in Hebrew, and his group was divided in 12 sections as per Hebrew tradition, one in name of each of the 12 tribes of Israel (that’s why the Jerusalem temple has 12 doors, each with the name of a tribe) of which section’s warrior chief are being called now “apostles”.

They were armed (Fishermans armed????) that was banned by the Romans (so they were doing something illegal). James did withdraw a sword and hit a soldier when their leader was being arrested, so they were armed…  Nowadays they would be called “terrorists”, not doubt about that…

Yeshua ben-Yosef  = Jesus son of Josef    

Yeshua ben-Yosef

Yeshua is a Hebrew name which has been transliterated into Greek as Iesous (IhsouV: pronounced "ee-ay-SUS"). The English "Jesus"
comes from the Latin transliteration of the Greek name into the Latin Iesus.

Laurence Gardner

Laurence Gardner is a writer and lecturer on historical revisionism. He has written many books on alternative history.
Gardner is occasionally styled "Chevalier Labhran de Saint Germain", "Presidential Attache to the European Council of Princes" and "Prior of the Celtic Churches Sacred Kindred of Saint Columbia". He also claims to be Jacobite Historiographer Royal of the Royal House of Stewart. He is a supporter of Michael Lafosse, in particular his claims to be descended from the House of Stuart, which Gardner claims was descended from Jesus Christ.
Some historians allege that he is a conspiracy theorist; implying that his work is pseudohistory, poorly researched and not scholarly, particularly The Bloodline of the Holy Grail. Evidence for this criticism comes particularly from his mistranslation of the Gnostic Gospel written by Phillip, which he uses to motivate the theory that Jesus and Mary Magdalene were married and produced a child whose bloodline is the Stuart clan of Scotland.
In developing this theory in The Bloodline of the Holy Grail, Gardner depends on the alleged fact that Jesus kissed Mary Magdalene "often on the mouth" (Ch.5, p. 57 of paperback edition). In fact, reputable translations of the Gospel of Phillip, e.g. Wesley Isenberg in James M. Robinson (Editor), "The Nag Hammadi Library" (1988), declare the noun (mouth) to be undecipherable due to damage to the ancient manuscript. In any case, a kiss on the mouth between early Christian males was a sign of holy love and affection, as evidence by the Second Apocalyspe of James, in which James so kisses the priest Mareim. Further, the remainder of Gardner's paragraph, claiming that the existence of man "depends on marriage", is not to be found in reputable translations at all and is self-evidently a complete fabrication.
In complete contradiction to Gardner's claim that Jesus and the Magdalene were in a physical (carnal) marriage, the closing paragraph of the Gnostic Gospel of Thomas sees Jesus stating that he will lead Magdalene to be "made male" by her faith in him (specifically, "For every woman who will make herself male will enter the kingdom of heaven").

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External links
  • Laurence Gardner's web site
  • Jesus' Alien Ancestors?
  • A lecture based on Lost Secrets of the Sacred Ark

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

They treat us like lambs with the adulterated information.


What economic agenda do they have behind the swine flu?
In the world, every year two million people die victims of the malaria that you could be prevented with a net.
And the media don't say anything of this.
In the world, every year two million children and girls die of diarrhoea that could be treated with an oral serum of 25 cents.
And the media don't say anything of this.
Measles, pneumonia, curable illnesses with a cheap vaccine, they cause the death of ten million people in the world every year.
And the media don't inform anything.
But some years ago, when the famous chicken flu appeared …
… the media of the world were flooded of news… jets of ink, alarm signs…
An epidemic, the most dangerous of all!... A pandemic!
It could be hear only speaking of the terrifying illness of the chickens.
And however, the chicken flu only caused in the entire world the death of 250 people. 250 dead during 10 years, what gives an average of 25 victims per year.
The common flu kills half million of people every year in the world.
Half million against 25.
Hold on, hold on. Then, Why was made so much noise about the chicken flu?
Because behind of those chickens there was a " rooster ", a rooster of big spurs.
The transnational pharmacist Roche with its famous Tamiflú sold millions of dose to the Asian countries.
Although the Tamiflú is of doubtful effectiveness, the British government bought 14 million dose to prevent his population.
With the chicken flu, Roche and Relenza, the two big pharmaceutical companies that sell the antivirus, obtained thousands of millions of dollars of earnings.
Before with the chickens and now with the pigs.
Yes, now the psychosis of the swine flu began. And all the media of the world only speak of this…
Anything is said anymore of the economic crisis neither of those tortured in Guantánamo…
…only the swine flu, the flu of the pigs…
And I wonder: if behind of the chickens there was a " rooster "… behind of the pigs… Don't will be a “great pig”?
Let’s look at that that an executive of the laboratories Roche said…
We at ROCHE worry a lot about this epidemic; so much pain… for that reason, we put the miraculous Tamiflú for sale.
And, How much does the miraculous Tamiflú costs?
Good; let’s see… 50 dollars the box.
50 dollars that box of pills!?
You must to understand, Mrs. that… the miracles are expensive”…
What I understand is that those companies take out a good slice from other people's pain…
The North American company Gilead Sciences has patented the Tamiflú. The main shareholder of this company is anything less than the sinister character, Donald Rumsfeld, secretary of defence of George Bush, author of the war against Iraq
The shareholders of the pharmaceutical Roche and Relenza are rubbing their hands, they are happy for their again millionaire sales like with the doubtful Tamiflú. The true pandemic is the lucre, the enormous earnings of these mercenaries of the health.
We don't deny the necessary measures of caution that are taking the countries.
But if the swine flu is such a terrible pandemic as the media announce , If the World Organization of the Health worries about this illness so much, Why doesn't them declare it as a problem of world public health and does it authorize the production of generic medications to combat it?
To do without of the patents of Roche and Relenza and to distribute gratuitous generic medications to all the countries, especially the poor. That would be the best solution.